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The Kinder Surprise

A bit of History

For a long time, Italian chocolate makers produced huge quantities of chocolate eggs for Easter, but the rest of the year the machines remained idle. In 1974, Michele Ferrero, judging sales too seasonal, began to manufacture days after Easter, chocolate eggs whose consumption would no longer be limited to the Easter period alone and, like traditional eggs, would contain a mini surprise.

Kinder Surprise was born in the spring of 1974 under the original Italian name of "Kinder Sorpresa". Since then, 30 billion eggs have been sold worldwide.

At first, the gimmicky surprise was a simple assembly of small yellow plastic parts. But over time, the surprises have become more and more sophisticated, to the point that collectors have become interested in them, going so far as to resort to stock exchanges and auctions, creating a true “Kindermania”

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I mainly used the collections from the eighties, nineties and early 2000s called "Monobloc" which are the most collectible ones. Back then Each Kinder Surprise was molded and painted by hand.

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The onlooker dives right back into childhood almost hypnotically. We all had a kinder egg in our hand, we all shook it wondering what we are going to get.
Throughout this work, all sorts of emotions resurface with intensity, joy, nostalgia but never with indifference.

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By using vintage toys known to everybody I’m giving them a second life and meaning.
It’s also an act of recognition by giving a voice to all the amazing minds who helped imagine them and more importantly all the invisible hands who helped shaping and painting them.

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My work is based on modern popular culture. The concept itself of the Kinder surprise point out the mass consumption aspect of our society.

“Ferrero, is an Italian multinational manufacturer of branded chocolate and confectionery products, and the second biggest chocolate producer and confectionery company in the world.”

When purchasing a Kinder surprise, it’s not the chocolate the consumer is buying but the surprise inside it.

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All figurines are glued to one another and interlock with each other. By doing so, it also reflects our society.

We all are, in some ways, Kinder surprises. All tagged with a value. All hanging on each other struggling to affirm our singularity. Striving to be seen. Rare are those who rise above the others. All unique and all the same as the same time.

What might look like simple children’s toys, is an echo to our entire society.

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